Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Five Ways You Can Build Auction Buyer Trust and Confidence

When you sell an item on eBay or any other auction site, or even anywhere on the web for that matter, you are a complete stranger to your first time visitors.

Most auction buyers are concerned about and even expect to get scammed unless they can somehow convince themselves you are the real deal and will look after them if anything goes wrong.

Help them feel positive about their buying decision by implementing the following ideas. Can you think of more ways to help your buyer feel confident about buying from you?

1. Have your own well-designed unique logo, banner, auction template that fits in with you, your items and your business.

2. Include information about you, your business and your items... make use of the About Me page!

3. Include a happy smiley photo of yourself and your office etc.

4. Offer a money back guarantee and stick to it!

5. Talk to your buyers in a friendly manner, in listings, emails and any other communications.

Do you know of other ways to help build buyer confidence online? Please leave a comment with your ideas from a buyer or seller's point of view!


Randall said...

Well Annie, it's me Randall. I just wanted to drop buy, show some love and say hello. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and give me some advice. I did notice that screenshot, and I was kind of surprised to see that. Although, it may flash on to other types of people, who knows. I'm going to monitor it and just see what happens. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find my blog, and if possible we should exchange links. Let me know! Thanks again!


Mouse said...

Mouse Said...

Hiya Annie, what a great site Im very impressed!

Hi to Randall too :)

Ive been selling online for a few years now and one thing that I think is essential with online selling is good communication. I always stay in touch with my buyers and let them know when payment is received, when I post their goods and just to say thankyou. I always let my customer know how much I appreciate their trade. Letting people know what is going on with their purchase instills confidence and makes them feel safe giving their money to a total stranger.

As a buyer; Nothing makes me hit the back button faster than lots of negative feedback, dark blurry photos, no or very little item description and unprofessional messy listings.

I could keep going but my fave show is on so Im off for now but I will be back!

Mouse :)

Annie said...

Hi Randall, feeling very loved awwww! I hope your Auction Ads don't give you too much trouble in future.

I found your blog while checking out Technorati Mini. Your AA post looked interesting so I clicked! Now I've got lovely ebay listings on my site too which I hope my visitors benefit from.

Will email you shortly re link swap, thanks!

Cheers, Annie

Annie said...

Hey Mouse, thanks for dropping in! You made some really important points there regarding communication.

There's nothing worse as a buyer than not knowing what is going on, so I guess the message is think of things from the buyer's point of view and treat them how you would expect to be treated!

I will be doing some stuff on item photography, so please subscribe to be updated on new posts!

Please also let all your auction mates know about my site if you find it valuable, which I hope it will be with more great stuff added soon!

Thanks again...

Annie :)

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