Monday, 2 April 2007

Introducing OZTION - Australia's Second Largest Auction Site

If you're looking to sell your goodies for more profit, and pick up heaps of amazing bargains between sales, be sure to visit Oztion, Australia's No.2 and fastest growing auction site!

The more I visit and participate at this auction site, the more I fall in love with it. It's free to list unlimited items and the sale fee is cheaper than eBay!

Membership has climbed rapidly since eBay's last fee increase and removal of store items from browse and search, and everyone seems to be doing well with sales.

The forums are always buzzing with friendly helpful chatter, and you can post twice a day in "Sellers Pick of the Day" to promote your items and specials, or browse the Wanted section to see what people are looking to buy.

The thing I love most about Oztion is how fast and easy it is to list items compared to eBay. Oztion has it's own listing software too to make things even faster and easier.

If you want your very own online store, you can have your own vShop for just $5 AU a month - and all your listings show up in regular search and browse yay! You can set up a shop Sale any time plus a random list of vShops are displayed in the forum section, all for some extra exposure.

I've been having fun designing banners and templates to match the vShop colour schemes, so if you happen to have a vShop I'd be honored to help you create a fab looking online store with matching auction listing templates, all to match perfectly with your vShop colours, and help buyers remember you and your items.

Well enough about it from me, go check out Oztion yourself then come back and let me know what you think!


mouse said...

I totally agree Annie...Oztion ROCKS. It is 'THE' up and comming auction site in Australia, it is very easy to use and navigate and the people, staff and members alike are super friendly and helpful. At the moment there are 143005 members & 410,000+ items for sale! Go and check it out, you wont be dissapointed and while your there dont forget to visit me and my V-shop, I am happy to help out with any questions etc, just drop me an email.

My Oztion ID is; ozmouse
Ref Number; 34584
My V-Shop is; Ozmouse Books n Bargains.
Ozmouse Shop Link;

Yes I know I couldnt help a bit of shamless self promotion but I really mean it when I say what a great site it is and I really am happy to help anyone that needs it :)

Annie said...

Awesome Mouse, nice friendly squeaky shop! How are sales going for you on Oztion?

Don't hesitate to give me yell if you ever need any custom graphics or templates! Hehe

Annie :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah oztion aren't too bad.

Online auctions for Australians, Xoobie

Anonymous said...

Check out this new Australian online auction site. Xoobie.

Online auctions for Australians

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