Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Five Ways You Can Build Auction Buyer Trust and Confidence

When you sell an item on eBay or any other auction site, or even anywhere on the web for that matter, you are a complete stranger to your first time visitors.

Most auction buyers are concerned about and even expect to get scammed unless they can somehow convince themselves you are the real deal and will look after them if anything goes wrong.

Help them feel positive about their buying decision by implementing the following ideas. Can you think of more ways to help your buyer feel confident about buying from you?

1. Have your own well-designed unique logo, banner, auction template that fits in with you, your items and your business.

2. Include information about you, your business and your items... make use of the About Me page!

3. Include a happy smiley photo of yourself and your office etc.

4. Offer a money back guarantee and stick to it!

5. Talk to your buyers in a friendly manner, in listings, emails and any other communications.

Do you know of other ways to help build buyer confidence online? Please leave a comment with your ideas from a buyer or seller's point of view!

Five Annoying Auction Design Mistakes

1. Too many graphics, animations and backgrounds that make page loading slow.

2. Too many colours with no colour scheme making everything hard to read and making nothing stand out.

3. Content too wide for the majority of screen sizes causing an annoying horizontal scroll.

4. Font style, size and colour not consistent making it hard to read and again, making nothing in particular stand out.

5. No particular design that sets you apart from all the other same-looking listings.

Do you know any more ghastly and annoying design mistakes sellers make? Please leave a comment and tell us about them. I'd love to hear from buyers too!

Why use an Auction Template?

An auction template, particularly one that is custom-designed especially for you, provides a unique and consistent image for your online business or hobby. This is important as it shows the buyer you take pride in your image and presentation, which helps build buyer trust and confidence.

Your unique listing design will set you apart from other sellers who sell same or similar items as you, and help buyers remember you as well as enhancing the buyer's bidding and buying experience.

An auction template can make a part-time hobby seller look like a huge successful company! A unique, well designed and consistent listing presentation builds your brand so that when buyers have a particular need or desire, they will think of you first!

Having your own auction template can make you feel more professional too, as well as making listing more enjoyable! It's like the difference between getting around the house in your pyjamas all day, compared to getting dressed up in nice new clothes and putting on your makeup. It's still you, but because you look better, you feel better and have more confidence, and, other's perception about you is more positive.

Realise that in each listing being viewed by others, you are making an impression!

Of course, as with real life, what you say and how you say it, can disappoint or even destroy any great first visual impression you made - so always do your best to be friendly and professional in every form of communication with your buyers. This is so important as a great experience will be remembered both good and bad!

The difference between a plain text item description with a small blurry item photo, and a professionally designed auction listing with clear item photos can mean low, slow or no sale, and quicker, higher, more sales. Consider using a custom auction template to show your buyers you mean business, and see if improves your sales... Let us know how you go!

Stay tuned for more great tips on making your auctions impress!

If you would like a custom auction template created just for you with care and attention to detail, please contact me and I'll be delighted to serve you! For just $49.95 you can look like big business regardless of what you sell, and I'll be here to help you with any questions you have.

What is an Auction Template?

An auction listing template is a web page (.html or .htm) document that a seller can use to present an item for sale on an auction site. The template consists of text and images in a specified layout, basically just like any other web page!

A seller can use the same auction template for each new item listing. With all the design and default information already in place, the seller only has to add or change the item details and photographs to create a new item description.

An auction template is created with HTML code. This code can be easily copied and pasted into the HTML view of your listing software (such as eBay's Turbo Lister program) or the auction site's online sell form.

Once pasted, you can switch the view from HTML to WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) to edit or insert your item details, with everything showing up as it will in the listing.

HTML is very easy to learn and if you are willing to do so, you can create your own auction template even with some basic web design knowledge.

Here at Auction Design, you can learn these basics plus more, and I'll be posting some auction template tutorials in future.

If you would rather leave the designing to someone else, and stay focused on selling, I'll be offering a great collection of free auction templates for you to use in your auctions plus easy step by step instructions for using them.

Do you know about any great resources for designing great auctions? Please share them with us by leaving a comment - and don't hesitate to also include a link to your auctions for some self promotion!

Monday, 2 April 2007

Introducing OZTION - Australia's Second Largest Auction Site

If you're looking to sell your goodies for more profit, and pick up heaps of amazing bargains between sales, be sure to visit Oztion, Australia's No.2 and fastest growing auction site!

The more I visit and participate at this auction site, the more I fall in love with it. It's free to list unlimited items and the sale fee is cheaper than eBay!

Membership has climbed rapidly since eBay's last fee increase and removal of store items from browse and search, and everyone seems to be doing well with sales.

The forums are always buzzing with friendly helpful chatter, and you can post twice a day in "Sellers Pick of the Day" to promote your items and specials, or browse the Wanted section to see what people are looking to buy.

The thing I love most about Oztion is how fast and easy it is to list items compared to eBay. Oztion has it's own listing software too to make things even faster and easier.

If you want your very own online store, you can have your own vShop for just $5 AU a month - and all your listings show up in regular search and browse yay! You can set up a shop Sale any time plus a random list of vShops are displayed in the forum section, all for some extra exposure.

I've been having fun designing banners and templates to match the vShop colour schemes, so if you happen to have a vShop I'd be honored to help you create a fab looking online store with matching auction listing templates, all to match perfectly with your vShop colours, and help buyers remember you and your items.

Well enough about it from me, go check out Oztion yourself then come back and let me know what you think!